What is a Mobile Notary?

Advantages of Using a Mobile Notary

Also called a traveling notary, a mobile notary is one that moves from one location to another, looking for clients who need his services.

In most cases, this notary public has already set up an appointment before visiting an area. 

There is no difference between a mobile notary and your regular notary public. Both of these individuals are commissioned by the law to sign and recognize your documents as legal and binding.

What does a notary public do?

Someone who notarizes documents is authorized by the government to do so. They are important in the aspects of documentation because they are witnesses to an agreement between two parties. They also serve as witnesses when somebody makes an oath, to ensure that this oath is not done under threat.

Examples of the documents they notarize are:

  • Deed of sales – usually if you sold something of high value that the government requires to be documented like a car or a plot of land.
  • Affidavit of loss – you need this if you lost a government-issued ID and you need a replacement
  • Oath – usually needed if you provide the court of law a testimony

Are they lawyers?

Yes and no. Some notary publics are lawyers, and some are not. The practitioners of law are called civil-law notary, and those who are not are called common-law notary.

Despite not being lawyers, those who practice common-law notary are duly licensed and have the authority to perform their duties. However, they are not authorized to dispense legal advice because they are not lawyers. 

What are the advantages of using mobile notary?

A notary typically works in an office. What this means is that you have to drive, queue, and then go back there if you are missing some documents.

Mobile notary roams areas and may stay there for a couple of days. This means you no longer have to travel, and that you can have your documents notarized while you are waiting at home. 

Here are the advantages of working with mobile notary:


Since the mobile notary will drive to your location, you no longer have to go through the hassle of traffic. You will save on gas, parking, and you can steer clear of all troubles related to finding one in any city or town.

A notary public will also ensure that you meet with him at your convenient time. You can schedule an appointment, and he will drive to your preferred location at the time you prefer.

Guaranteed Help

There are times that you may not find the kind of notary public you need. This is a waste of effort as you scour through the city, asking where you can find one, only to fail.

With a mobile notary, you can tell the problem and then receive an answer whether your required services are within his coverage or not. This means that before you set an appointment, you know that you are dealing with the right person who can help you notarize your document.


Some offices are too small that you have no other choice but to disclose your issues to the notary public within hearing range of strangers. Or worse, some people in your neighborhood who know you.

This is not the best of situations, but you are left with no choice but to expose whatever it is that you are planning to get notarized, and some of these documents or issues are highly sensitive.

With a mobile notary, you can discuss it in your house, with no one to hear the words you say. You can disclose your fears, worries, and some important aspects of your affidavit without anyone who has no business with it hearing private and sensitive information.

Save on Cost

While it is true that a mobile notary can charge fees like waiting fee and travel fee, it still beats going into the city and wasting your time and gasoline. Although there is no standard price for charging notary services on mobile, it is safe to say that convenience in itself is priceless.

With a mobile notary, you do not have to leave your kids behind. You can stay at home, cook dinner, or do anything you want while waiting.

Essentially, here are the things that a mobile notary may charge you.

  • Travel fee
  • Waiting fee
  • Notary fee
  • Copying and document preparation

Choice of Location and Time

If you are disabled, walking up the stairs is not an option. It is always better to have a mobile notary come to you in a place where you are convenient.

With a mobile notary, you can ask to meet in a coffee shop, at your own office, your home, in the hospital, and even in jail.

You can also tell the mobile notary if you want to meet at night. This is critical if you work all day long, and you have no time to travel during business hours. You can also request for a weekend meeting if that is what is convenient for you.

In some cases, you can also request the mobile notary to see you during the holidays, which will make it easier for you as you do not have to worry about work the following day. You can also ask the mobile notary to meet you on a beach while on vacation, provided that the area is within his coverage.


A mobile notary is an important choice if you need a document to be notarized. Despite paying for other fees that you would normally pay from an office-based notary public, it is all worth it because you are sparing yourself all the hassles and troubles or dealing with one.

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